At last I can start blabbing about it. The School of Haskell went beta. We’ve been working on it for the last half a year with a team of top-notch Haskell programmers.

Our main effort is to create an online Haskell IDE, but the technology we’ve been developing for it was just aching to be used for teaching Haskell. Imagine an online tutorial where snippets of code can be compiled and run on the spot. You can play with them: edit, compile, and run with your changes. You can pull instant documentation for any library function used in the snippet. Yup! And there’s more. Read the blog I linked to above and sign up for beta. It’s a great opportunity to fulfill you New Year’s resolution to finally learn Haskell or to create some Haskell content yourself. Enjoy!

I published a new blog post at the FP Complete site, with a peek at our efforts to create the Haskell IDE. I concentrated mostly on the interaction between the programmer and the IDE. I’ve been always championing the top-down approach to design and implementation — in the case of a GUI program, the top is the GUI. Of course we’ve been working on the infrastructure as well, but user experience is what makes or breaks software products.