I have been educated in Poland, where I got my PhD in Theoretical Physics. I had several postdoc positions in Europe and in the United States. Then I suddenly found myself working for Microsoft designing and implementing a search engine. That didn’t work very well, since Microsoft was in denial about the Internet. I quit and started my own micro company, Reliable Software. We implemented the first distributed version control system (now in public domain). I wrote a book “C++ in Action, Industrial Strength Programming in C++.” I started digging into Computer Science, enlisting in graduate courses at the University of Washington. I became fascinated with multithreading and joined Walter Bright and Andrei Alexandrescu in designing and implementing the D programming language. Interest in C++ template metaprogramming and concurrency naturally led me to Haskell, and then to category theory. To my surprise, the series of blog posts, later converted to the book Category Theory for Programmers, became quite popular among programmers.